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Living Well

Ever gotten to that point where you’re so overwhelmed and emotionally drained that you go through the motions with a mask on? I’ve been there and NEVER want to go back to that place. Before the early beginnings of my journey, my approach to hard times was to smile and keep it moving. I never fully understood what I was doing until I hit a personal rock bottom. These days, I know the signs and ways to keep myself as healthy as possible! ✨Hit pause and truly assess what’s going on. If you have perfectionist tendencies like me, this is important. Clear your evening, day, or weekend if you have to. Pray, meditate, write your thoughts out.

✨Set some good boundaries for yourself. These could be professional, personal, social, financial, emotional or physical boundaries. If you are feeling burned out in a certain area, boundaries are a healthy step to relief. ✨Beware of self-medicating to make up for how you feel. For me, that used to be dependence on alcohol and food in attempts to feel better. Eliminating that crutch has been a true lifesaver. What could you be doing to cope that’s actually setting you back? ✨Get active. Our bodies crave to move but sometimes our mental state makes that the hardest thing to do. Start with walking a few times a week if you have to. ✨Seek professional help. We often need help taking the steps listed above. There are people in this world with a passion to help YOU. Take that brave step and see how your life can improve! Always remember the best project you will ever work on is YOU! Be Well 💫

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