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Therapy for Black Girls Podcast Feature

For Recovery Month, I was honored to have been a guest on the Therapy for Black Girls to discuss my sobriety journey! Throughout the first few years of sobriety, I knew my story would be a blessing but I still had so much shame to shake first. I didn't see myself telling many people outside of my close circle and definitely NOT on a public platform!

Over time, my self-compassion, self-forgiveness, and understanding have transformed the way I view myself and my story. Today, I get to share in a way that feels comfortable to me and be who I needed to see in those early days for someone else!

Thank you for supporting me and giving the podcast a listen!

Dr. Joy and I spoke about:

- Signs of problem drinking

- The impact of the pandemic on drinking patterns

- Navigating recovery spaces and finding spaces that are culturally competent

- How family and friend can be supportive

Thank you for supporting me and giving the podcast a listen!

Be well,


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