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Hey everyone! It goes without saying that it has been a tough couple of weeks in our country. It would be negligent to pretend that the recent killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and so many others over the years has not had a significant impact on the mental, emotional and physical health of black people. In addition to these tragic events, we also experience individual racism, systemic racism, microaggressions, discrimination, poverty, and violence on a continual basis over generations.

As a systemic-based therapist, I know just how much we are impacted by everything within and around us. Intergenerational trauma is the passing on of trauma, it's symptoms, and the associated coping mechanisms through generations of people, families, and communities. This means the impact of trauma can and is experienced by those who did not directly witness or experience it themselves. Intergenerational trauma is why "That was 400 years ago!" or "Things are different than they were in the 1960s" can be so frustrating and offensive. If this is something you have experienced, I want you to know that your feelings are valid and heard. There is no need to explain or second guess your emotional experience as a black person in today's climate. Much is stirring up and we need to tend to it from every side. 

I feel it's essential to provide you with resources so you can get your needs met during this time. It will look different for everyone as we are all experiencing the reality of racial injustices and trauma from different viewpoints.

Please check out my RESOURCES PAGE for more.

Be well,


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