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Fit Holiday Tips

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Worried about how to make it through the holidays without completely derailing your fitness routine? Here are five helpful tips for you!

1. Plan buddy workouts or take group fitness classes to stay accountable. Staying fit is SO much easier with community. On the days when you might bail out on your commitment, community can help you show up. Shameless plug: B3 has specials running for personal and group training during the holidays.

2. Incorporate high intensity interval training (HIIT) for short, effective workouts. HIIT workouts are characterized by short spurts of intense exercise followed by lighter intensity exercises or rest when needed. You can maximize your workout while keeping your heart rate up!

3. Get active with your friends, family, and loved ones. Go for a walk, walk your dogs, play with your younger relatives, organize a family game, etc. Many times we associated love and family with food. There's nothing wrong with enjoying a meal together but keep an open mind to other active ways you can bond with your loved ones.

4. Give yourself credit for maintaining a habit of working out even if it’s not your usual routine. This is huge! Maintaining a strict workout regime or starting one is hard when things are busy. If you're able to stick to one - great! But if you aren't, that's ok! Staying fit is a life long journey so give yourself some grace as you try to keep things balanced.

5. Don’t compare yourself to people who work in the fitness industry! Not every workout was actually done on the day that you see it! Chances are we might be on the couch too!

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