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Mental Fitness with Mind Muscle Hustle!

I enjoyed sitting down with Ashton Baalaer, owner of Mind Muscle Hustle, to tell my personal story and share how my journey is reflected in the foundation of B3! Mind Muscle Hustle is a gym located in Charlotte with an emphasis on mindset and nutrition in addition to personal training and small group training.

This conversation was so fun as Ashton and his team truly understand the importance of the mind for what we need or ask our bodies to do.

On the podcast:

✅ My journey as an athlete and struggle with anxiety, perfectionism, and alcohol ✅ Using fitness as a tool to rebuild your life and self-esteem ✅ Steps to creating the life you want through awareness, willingness, and consistency ✅ The role therapy can play in your overall well-being

Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

How has fitness changed your life?

Be well,


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