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Just For You: Self Care Apps

Self-care is all the rave this year and I don’t want you to miss out on some great apps to make taking care of yourself a priority! Taking care of yourself might include getting a massage or facial but it also includes understanding your cycle, unwinding mentally from a long day, and self-development. We need all the things, all the time and apps make that an easier task! Here’s 5 apps I recommend you try this year:

Adult Coloring Book – A digital coloring book at the tip of your fingers with all kinds of mandalas and coloring pages to help destress or get your mind clear from a long day!


Calm – Need help with practicing mindfulness and meditation? Try the Calm app! I’ve specifically used this app at night to help settle in for sleep through guided imagery or a soothing background audio.

Flo – One thing we don’t always think about is how our cycle effects our mood. I’ve used the Flo app to track my cycle so that I know when and how I need to take care of myself to make the

best of my hormonal rollercoaster!

SanityandSelf is a new app I’m trying out that has seemingly unlimited ways to practice self-care. Try one of their 7 day plans to help set you intentions for better self esteem or getting more active.

GetAttune – Attune is a new app based out of Charlotte that helps connect you with a local therapist. As a therapist myself, I understand it’s hard to find the right fit. Attune will help you match the perfect therapist for you!

Though apps can aid you in staying well, they don't replace in person, professional guidance and support. If you or someone you know needs professional guidance and support, reach out at

Be Well,


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