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Juneteenth Freedom Walk

Juneteenth is the celebration of the day - June 19, 1865 - when slaves of Confederate states received word that they were freed from slavery. Though July 4, 1776 is celebrated as the day America declared freedom as a country, people of color were not free within America until many years later. Believe. Be Free. Be Well. truly believes that the experiences of previous generations of life, have an impact on those who live today. What an honor it is, to live in and carry out what our ancestors could only dream of.

This year, B3 got the opportunity to be a part of the First Annual Juneteenth Freedom Walk Celebration in Clover, SC! It was amazing to see the Clover community come together for a mile walk around the heart of Clover. The celebration opened up with a few words from the organizer Keron Meeks and a prayer to begin the day. B3 joined in for a warm up and stretch before the walk began. The Freedom Walk committee also highlighted key leaders in the community whom are making a positive impact in Clover.

Check out a few pictures from the event!

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