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Inspecting Your Expectations

Inspect your expectations this holiday season

As we approach the holiday season, it can bring a wide range of emotions. What do you expect the holidays to look like for you right now? Take some time to think it through.

Now, consider this: Who told you that had to happen? 

Your perception of what will or won’t and what should and shouldn’t happen will greatly influence your experience. Acceptance can change the game for you this season! This goes for all aspects of the holidays - your emotions, your family and your circumstances. It allows us to lean into what is without judgement or the unrelenting pursuit to change it.

Accepting your emotions

Maybe you feel joy for the season and that’s okay! Maybe you feel worry, sorrow or pressure and that’s okay, too. Embrace where you are and give your emotions what they need. Listen to them. Allow them. Care for them. 

Accepting your family

You may have challenges within your family or feel pressure to show up for traditions the season brings. We all do. We can accept that reality and choose what’s best for us in the midst of it all. Consider what’s healthy for you and identify some ways you can navigate this season in a healthy way. 

Accepting your circumstances

The end of the year can bring reflection about what you thought would have happened by now. Acceptance includes compassion for you and those around you. Where we are in life has its purpose. It’s not about what should have happened but more about what we are supposed to learn. How have you grown this year? What do you better understand about where you are that can be used for good?

Regardless of your experience this season, always remember we have permission to do what we need in order to take care of ourselves.

Be well,


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