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Guest Podcast with @GettingYourIshTogether

I sat down with Cynthia from the Getting Your Ish Together podcast to share my story and discuss diversity in recovery, mental health and fitness. It was a joy connecting with Cynthia and the topics we touched on were refreshing and much needed. Whether you are looking to improve your overall wellness, struggling with an unhealthy habit or seeking recovery yourself, I hope you will find this talk to be informative and helpful!

Check it out!

In this episode we talk about: 👉🏾 My backstory of being a basketball athlete, a straight A student and how lack of structure contributed to my issues with alcohol 👉🏾 Why I decided to be honest about my recovery with fitness and mental health clients 👉🏾 Lack of diversity in recovery places and how that can unintentionally alienate people of color that want to get (and remain) clean and sober

We couldn't possibly keep the discussion to one 30 minute podcast! We discussed:

👉🏾Summing up the first year of sobriety and what helped us during this time 👉🏾The role of spirituality in getting sober and maintaining recovery 👉🏾How I use transparency in the work I do as a therapist and fitness coach to help others

Thank you so much for giving this podcast a listen!

Be well,


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