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10-minutes of

daily movement

for 31-days this January!

Join the free B3 Movement Challenge which starts Monday, January 1, 2024!


Our goal is to move for at least 10 minutes every day for 31 days! 


I know. I know. You're probably wondering, "Why just 10-minutes? Shouldn't we be doing 30-minutes?!".


Good question!


The focus of this challenge is to develop your consistency with movement over time. A habit is best maintained when the goal is simple and doable - especially at the  beginning. 


That being said, some days you may do more and some days 10-minutes will be just right.

Either way, I guarantee you'll be moving more and feeling better by the end!

This challenge is completely free! Sign-up below and full details will be emailed to you!

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Join the Challenge!

Thanks for joining! Please check your email (and spam too!) for more details!

This challenge is about moving in ways that make us feel good consistently. Any type of movement counts as long as you are intentional with what it is (i.e. walking, stretching, yoga, strength training, running, dancing, even tackling yard work counts in my book!)

What else can you expect?


Live Midweek Stretch Sessions on Wednesdays

Live 30-Minute Workouts on Saturdays

Giveaways announced on Sundays!


So.. are you in?!


Sign-up below to join and receive full details for the challenge by email!


Whether you participate by email, Facebook, or through joining the B3 by Kristen app community, I guarantee you will leave this challenge feeling better and more accomplished than when you started.

The key is saying YES, committing yourself, and being consistent through accountability and routine. I'm here to move with you every step of the way!

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