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About The B3 Crew Membership

The B3 Crew Membership Community is all about women supporting each other in making sustainable changes in their lives to improve their mental and physical health. We are creating better habits and renewing our mindset because we deserve to be and feel better!

Our Goal: To consume fruits and/or vegetables every day for four weeks.


Our Why: Diet culture often talks about what you can’t eat or what you should limit to change your body size or shape. A healthy relationship with food has flexibility and is about giving your body the nutrients it needs to function at its best. By making these changes to our habits, we can encourage healthier decision-making without rules and restrictions.

Why join? Yes, you could eat vegetables and fruits on your own but never underestimate the power of support and community when to comes to making change. This community is committed to moving forward on changing their habits - no matter what!

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