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Be Well

Be Well is an 8-week program consisting of self-improvement modules, a personal training program, accountability coaching, and emotional support. This program was specifically created for those who are struggling to navigate their relationship with their body, exercise, and food on their own. The modules will assist you in increasing your awareness of what it means for you to be well and how that can be sustained. My hope is to help guide you to a routine that feels good to you!


During this program, you will explore areas such as:


  • Stages of change and accountability

  • Self-sabotage patterns

  • Self-love and self-esteem

  • Patterns and relationship with exercise/food

  • Emotional eating and body image

  • Stress management and healthy coping skills

  • Creating a sustainable routine

Upcoming Program Enrollment: March 15, 2021


How do I join?


There is an application and interview process prior to joining the program. Join the waitlist to receive a notification of the open enrollment period and access to the application. Enrollment will be limited to 10 participants who are a good fit for the program's objective.

How is the program structured?

The core of this program is 8 weeks long and includes weekly assignments and a customized workout plan. Modules and workouts are housed through my private app which only program members will have access to. 

What contact will I have with you?

There will be bi-weekly coaching calls to discuss reflections from the modules, work through any challenges, and to get overall support as you move through the program. Through the app, you'll also have two-way messaging with me for accountability during the week!

What can I expect from the workouts?

Upon onboarding for the program, we will discuss realistic goals for movement and develop a schedule that works best for you to start. Your workouts or movement sessions will be based on your personal goals in this area. My app provides demos and instructions for all exercises. No equipment is necessary but if you have equipment, we can incorporate that into your workouts.

Do you provide meal plans?

No, I don't provide meal plans. Be Well's focus is about your relationship with food from an emotional and behavioral standpoint and less about calories, dieting, structured plans, etc. If the concerns you have with food cannot be addressed in the program, I can refer you to a registered dietitian and/or a therapist.

What if I already have a therapist or personal trainer?

This program is not therapy and is not meant to be a substitute for a relationship with a therapist. If you have a therapist - great! Be Well can work very well in addition to your therapy process.

I am a certified personal trainer and this program is structured to provide you with a customized online workout program that would be similar to the work you'd do with any other trainer. You will need to decide whom you'd like to get your workouts from.

What's the weekly time committment?

Between your modules, plans for movement, and coaching calls, you will spend between 4-6 hours on your program each week.



“I had a great experience during the program. It really helped me see areas of my life that I had been neglecting and how it affected my well being."

"You have the support you need in the program to make it through tough times and come out the other end stronger!"


It was amazing! Very refreshing to experience and learn so much about myself and what I needed to continue down this lifestyle change. Working out isn’t the enemy, but the negative mindset we have towards it can be. Stick to it and do the work that is assigned and you will feel better at the end. Having a changed mindset is the most important part.


I had a great experience during the program. It was by no means easy, but I appreciated getting to know myself again through the weekly exercises and the flexibility and open communication that I had with Kristen about my needs (e.g. home workouts, accountability check ins, etc.)