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Join Be Well

Be Well is an 8-week program consisting of personal development and skill-building modules, a workout program, accountability coaching, and community support. This program was specifically created for those who are struggling to improve their habits while also navigating their relationship with their body, exercise, and food.

The modules will assist you in increasing your awareness of what it means for you to be well and how that can be sustained. My hope is to help guide you to a routine that feels good to you!


During this program, you will explore areas such as:


  • Stages of change and accountability

  • Self-sabotage patterns

  • Self-love and self-esteem

  • Patterns and relationship with exercise/food

  • Emotional eating and body image

  • Stress management and healthy coping skills

  • Creating a sustainable routine

"The weekly reflections caused me to look at myself and what I was doing versus what I was saying I was doing. I had to face what it really was for my demise. The calls with the group were very helpful too."


"My mindset shifted in significant ways, so much so that I don't feel like food is a coping mechanism anymore. 

I have longer term health, fitness, and wellness goals to reach, but I feel like this program helped me clear some necessary headspace that can lead me to being more successful in the future."


"It was a must program for me, I’ve learned so much about myself. The modules made me aware of my problems/issues that were causing me to give up so easily with my workouts and everyday life."


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