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Support. Most of us know what to do, we just need help doing it. Working with me through a coaching program can provided the structure and support you need to be more consistent and change your habits.


Check out my programs and join the B3 Team!




B3 Crew Membership ($10/month)

This membership gives you access to 150+ at-home workouts including bodyweight, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), low-impact, steady-state cardio sessions (LISS), strength training, live workout recordings, mobility routines, and warm-up/cool down sessions. 


Membership includes:

  • On-demand workout library

  • Community support

  • Calendar for self-guided scheduling and tracking progress

Equipment Required:

  • Variety - light, medium, and heavy dumbbells

  • Fitness mat

  • Chair/workout bench

Use code 'JOIN20' for 20% off your first month!

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Beginners Program ($59/month)

If you are new to working out, returning after a long hiatus, or need a low-impact program for any other reason, this is the program for you! Get access to my fitness app for a structured, beginner-friendly program to follow. No more guessing and debating what you should do for your workout - this is it! Program can be completed at home or at the gym.


This program tier includes:

  • Structured, progressive workout program (three workouts/week)

  • Biweekly virtual group workout sessions

  • Community support and group challenges

  • Two-way messaging with your coach (me!)

  • On-demand workout library

Equipment Required:

  • 5lb and 10lb dumbbells

  • Fitness mat

  • Chair/workout bench

Use code 'JOIN20' for 20% off your first month!

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Be Well Program

Be Well is a signature program to help support mental and physical health goals and provide the tools needed to create a sustainable lifestyle and routine. Please click 'Learn More' and join the waitlist so that you don't miss the next enrollment period!

This program includes:

·        8 Self-Improvement Modules

·        Weekly Assignments and Journal Prompts

·        Biweekly Coaching Sessions

·        Weekly accountability and goal-setting

·        An individualized plan for movement

·        Two way messaging for encouragement and support

Spring Enrollment is now open! Learn more and apply below!

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"I had a great experience during the program. It was by no means easy, but I appreciated getting to know myself again through the weekly exercises and the flexibility and open communication that I had with Kristen about my needs (e.g. home workouts, accountability check-ins, etc.)"


"I feel stronger and more equipped to continue with working out consistently, in addition to eating healthier and making wiser decisions. We aren’t ALWAYS going to be the most athletic or healthiest, but know that we can continue TRYING to make better decisions."


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"I had the belief that beginning a journey towards healthy living meant spending hours at the gym every day. I'm learning the value of pacing and consistency with exercise and healthy eating."


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